A brand new way to play video games

Play tons of games on a beam of light.

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Let there be Light(Pong)

Light Pong is gaming as you've never seen it before. We have created the world's first 1-dimensional game console - the most epic new addition to your Saturday night that you didn't even know you needed. Play solo or challenge a friend on one of the many games; pick it up and play  - whether you're 6 or 106; light up the room with awesome lighting effects. Endless fun, anywhere.


Ages 6+


Multiple game modes


1+ players


Eye catching




Party Ready

Light Pong Can Play Lots of Games

Light Pong’s games are programmed on a single line, which is why we call it a 1D console. Light Pong is the console for easy-to-play games that still involve mastery.

...and thanks to the creativity of our developers tools, you will be able to keep playing new games for years to come!

Ambient mode

Are you all about the ambience? Do you like awesome light effects? We've got you covered. Add some pizzazz to your bedroom, live DJ set, or Twitch stream with Light Pong's bright, multicolored LEDs!