Bring Your Light to the World

Light Pong is the world’s first 1D game console (yes, 1D – read our FAQs if you still don’t believe us) and so far, it’s been bringing joy, nostalgia, and a few bumps and bruises to social events far and wide through a classic, basic “Ping Pong” concept.

After months of play-time, the realization hit us like Mayweather in a bad mood: What else can we do with Light Pong?

We know that opening up a platform to creators and letting them contribute their creative juices usually takes a great thing and makes it f***ing awesome.

Anyway... do you think you have what it takes to make a cool game with only a 1D space? We want your mind. Contact us to get your hands on the tools you need to do your thing, ergo, make your own games using our internally-created code base. Talk about bragging rights.

Here’s a hint…

To help kickstart your brainstorming process, the creative constraint here is that you would be developing on a single line... start thinking about what kind of combination of color and pixels on one line that only goes back and forth you could make a cool play experience out of.