What is 1D?

As you may have seen, we’re calling Light Pong the “world’s first 1D game console”…

What is 1D?

Hello Light Pong-ers! How are you!?

As you may have seen, we’re calling Light Pong the “world’s first 1D game console”… and few of you have jumped into the social media comments claiming that “Light Pong is not a 1D game” or “this isn’t 1D”.

Wow, didn’t know we’d attract so many experts of dimensions!

Alright experts, time for a crash course on the dimensions of space.

0D / 0 Dimensions

Imagine a point. Just a point. A point with no length, width, or height. That’s 0D.

1D / 1 Dimension

Imagine a line, just a simple line with only the length, with no width or height. This is 1D. Motion in 1D is linear, along a line. It goes forward and backward only.

Games on Light Pong can only be designed on a single line, that’s why we say Light Pong is 1D.

2D / 2 Dimensions

Now, imagine a surface without any height, just length and width. Like a flat sheet of paper, where things can go up and down or left and right. This is 2D.

So to our “D-expert” who said “its clearly 2D”…nope!

3D / 3 Dimensions

This is the space in which we live: 3D. Things can go up and down, back and forth, or left and right. So to the one “D-expert” who said it’s made in 3D…you’re actually correct!

Light Pong is a 1D game, and exists in a 3D world.

The easiest way to create a 1D game is on an LED strip, and Light Pong makes it easy to do that. A plus for developers we’ll open up the platform to.

It’s hard to think about what can be done in 1D because it feels like it’s extremely limited, but at Light Pong, we believe that 1D is an unexplored territory waiting to be ventured into!

Still don’t get it!? Email us back and we’ll help you!